Sunday, 04 January 2009

I am back!


I am back!

Dear Shredders and friends,

thank you so much for your loving comments.
I appreciated them so much!

Let me tell you only 3 things, I don't want to bore you with things which were in my past:

1. I moved my blog: Please reach me from now on here: Please change, if you can, this address in your blog-readers or link-rolls. Thank you so much.

2. I was/am sick.
Scarlet fever hit me and being not a kindergarten-child anymore it knocked me out off my socks. I spend the holidays in bed and still suffer from a kidney-infection which will hold me back from training until the end of January 2009.

I am planning big things for 2009: Starting Adam's magic RTP-System from the 26th, January 2009 (provided that I get my doctor's permission), to run 10 km under 50 minutes, to finish the Fjäll Räven Classic within 3 days(110 km race in the Swedish wilderness, together with my beloved partner. We will hike it.) and to finish the Stockholm Triathlon over the Olympic distance in a respectable time.
On top come 3 business-projects.

3. I will blog during the next, non-training days as well.

Thank you again for your fantastic, loving support, for telling me that you missed me. It gave me warm feelings and made me happy.

Run wild.
Take massive action.


P.S.: Adam, your Shreddersphere is the "biggie" of 2008! I am happy to be a small part of it! WOW!

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Day 14 GS 2.0

hello shredders,my last day on my first group-shred was simply one big meeting,client after client.i ran twice HIIT nutes),did 50 push-ups & some stretching.blogger is a pain & just annoying.I hope I will be able to upload the last pictures which I took.tomorrow I will introduce you all to my new blog at wordpress.Thank you all you wonderful shredders for all your support.You all mean so much to me.Adam,thank you for this magic opportunity & your massive support:You are just great. Take massive action,juli

Sunday, 09 November 2008

Day 13 of GS 2.0

Hey Shredders,

13 days of shredding and constant blogging, the last is ahead.

I ran twice HIIT (24 minutes) in the rain, we had daily things to do and to share it was difficult to get more and more intense training in.

Pictures to follow and to be posted tonight, I hope I can get all in.
But my next blog will be my last at "BLOGGER" then I will move over to wordpress.

Blogger is not very friendly to me.

Take massive action.


Saturday, 08 November 2008

day 12 GS2.0

hey shredders, stockholm is so cold and wet one can literally smell that winter is around the corner.again a quick post from my cell-phone.i took a picture (to be uploaded tomorrow w all other pictures),did a 40 minutes HIIT.Then we went to a very interesting fitness-fair here in stockholm & must leave to have dinner at friends' house.Have a nice Sunday, Juli

Friday, 07 November 2008

Day 11 G2 2.0

hey shredders, i am blogging from my cell-phone on my way to stockholm.thank you all for so much support & help,i am blessed to be a shredder. I did 30 minutes of HIIT,20 minutes of stretching.My nutrition is getting better...but blogger hates me,i cannot log in my daily pictures!Maybe the 'system' read in one of my posts that i will move to wordpress very soon. No matter what,i took the pictures & will add them as soon as possible.It is weekend,i am dancing like Snoopy because of that. Take massive action and smile, Juli

Wednesday, 05 November 2008

day 10 GS 2.0

Hey Shredders,

I am still in Berlin, the Blogger-picture-upload didn't work but I took the picture and received a looooooooooooooooooooooong email from Blogger explaining what I might do to fix the problem!

I will read that as soon as possible and upload all my pics of the last 2 days.
It is really a pain and I hope that Adam takes this as "correct accountability" if I upload the pics when I can. I took them and blogged in time.

I ran today, 5 km, 60 push-ups and a hell of a work-load with clients.

Take massive action,


Day 9 of GS 2.0

Hey Shredders,

I am still having problems to load up my pictures. I take/took them and will upload them when Blogger is friendly again.


I ran 8 km, did 20 minutes of stretching and 100 push-ups.



P.S.: I am on a business-trip in Berlin and have to take part in evening-appointments with clients. Not really a nice time to work.
But it is service. See Checkpoint Charly at the former inner-Berlin-boarder at the Berlin Wall and me at a lake here in the afternoon.